3 Easy Steps To Drift Your Car

Drifting has become quite popular in recent years. It hit the mainstream when Hollywood started making movies on drifting. Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift is a good example. It may look easy, all you have to do is drive fast and turn your car sideways, right? But, as you would know, if you’ve ever tried drifting, it’s not as easy as it looks.

The first thing you’ll need is a car, preferably a car with a rear wheel drive. Also, it should be a car with a manual transmission, since this makes things easier.

Next, you’ll need a wide open space where you can practice without putting anyone at risk.

Lastly, you’ll need to be ready to shell out for spare tires, since they’ll burn out relatively quickly.

Now, here are the steps to follow:

Start off by practicing donuts in a single spot. Find a flat area with nothing around where you can try this. Don’t think you can start drifting at the circuit right away. You’ll have to first learn how everything works, and get used to moving sideways in your car. Start off with donuts to the right and then do donuts to the left. Start with small circles and then move on to bigger ones.

Once you’ve mastered donuts, it’s time to start using the handbrake and working on 180-degree spins. Keep going back and forth doing 180-degree spins till you get used to drifting in and out of slides.

When you’re comfortable with this, you can start figure-8 drifting around a couple of pillions approximately hundred feet apart. Use the handbrake so that you can power out of the drifts and repeat on either end untill you’ve mastered it.

By the time you’ve gone through these tips, you will be a pro at drifting, that’s for sure.