Some tips to help ensure your RC car is always clean

Even though RC drift cars aren’t known for getting a lot of mud and filth, it’s undoubtedly worth taking care of them regularly to ensure they stay in top condition. Fortunately, drifters don’t get too much mud on the tires. But with time, dirt and grime build up can have a negative effect on the performance of your car.

It’s recommended that you clean your RC car after every time you take it out. The amount you need to clean will depend on the weather and the dust on the track you were racing on. If you’re a professional and are preparing for an event, you probably know that your car needs to be cleaned well before any race event.

Here are some things you will need that will help you keep your RC car in tip-top shape:

  • A bunch of hand wipes. If you are messing with your vehicle, it is obvious that you will get your hands dirty.
  • A brush. You could use a regular paint brush, or you could go all out and get a specialist RC brush to get rid of dust.
  • A towel. This is just meant for emergencies and to soak up any spillages that may occur.
  • Pit mat. Plastic or rubber pit mats are great as they prevent lost parts, and help keep your table clean.
  • Tooth picks. These are great if you want to get rid of dirt from those places that are hard to reach.
  • Cotton buds. When you soak them in white spirit they become the perfect tools for cleaning some parts of RC cars.
  • Air Compressor. This will help you blast any dirt and dust away from your RC car.

So, what are you waiting for? These tips are more than enough to ensure your RC car is always clean and ready to drift.