How to do the heel-toe shift while drifting

Here we are going to look at what heel-toe shifting is, and how it can help you when you’re drifting.

First off, let’s understand what heel-toe shifting actually is:

Heel-toe is basically a driving technique that comes in handy during performance driving. It involves using both the accelerator and brake pedals at the same time while using the left foot for the clutch. It proves a great help while braking and downshifting at the same time, and can also help the driver blip the throttle to increase engine speed and engage a lower gear quicker.

As you are approaching corners, you will be in high gear. You will be braking to reduce speed. If you continue doing so while in a high gear, you won’t be in the right gear to get maximum acceleration out from the corner. With the heel-toe technique, you will be able to keep the car in the correct power band, which means you get maximum power throughout the corner.

These are the fundamentals of drifting. For beginners, this is perhaps the first thing you need to start practicing before you begin drifting. Unlike drifting, this technique is not that dangerous to practice. If you’re serious and want to drift professionally, you should start with this.

You can practice just about anywhere. Here are some simple step-by-step instructions to help you get started:

  • Start braking as you get to a corner.
  • Keep on braking while you begin to turn the corner.
  • Push the clutch in fully.
  • Now, with one side of your foot, press the accelerator down so that the engine revs up completely.
  • Shift to a lower gear while at the same time you move your foot from the brake onto the accelerator.

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